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DR/ Eman Aziz

How do we increase the burn rate?

…… Dividing the meals into at least 3 main meals and 2 snacks, because reducing the number of meals to one meal, especially when it is before bed, can reduce the rate of burning. Also, make the protein portion the largest portion of the meal because it needs more energy to burn.

Obesity relationship hair loss and skin problems?

Obesity is often the result of unhealthy eating full of saturated fats and lack of intake of vitamins and minerals needed to nourish the hair, and thus their deficiency leads to hair loss.

Obesity and diabetes relationship?

Insulin resistance caused by obesity is the main cause of diabetes

Insulin resistance in children?

The most important symptoms of insulin resistance are obesity in the upper part of the body, especially the waist area, darkening of the neck and underarms, and skin growth.

Treatment is primarily a diet appropriate to the age of the child

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DR/ Hoda

Sleep and fat burning relationship?

Regulating sleep times from 6 to 8 hours is very important to regulate burning

Detox relationship with the rate of burning?

...helps to increase the rate of burning.

Colon disease relationship with the rate of burning?

Colon disease is associated with indigestion, and this is wrong for me cremation

The relationship of carnitine burning?

It is very important, especially if the patient's heartburn is weak, as it is an essential component of energy production for the body.

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DR/ Hossam

Obesity relationship with pressure patients?

The high-pressure disease is a direct result of the wrong diet. Increased low-density cholesterol and triglycerides. This is the first reason why arteries lose their ability to expand and contract to control blood pressure... However, your body needs to always be in a state of balance between water and salts, and the pattern. Diet is responsible for these two causes

The relationship of fiber with liver enzymes?

Obesity, when it occurs without treatment, has a direct effect on an organ responsible for activating most minerals and hormones, which is the liver. The liver really describes the validity of a person’s lifespan….the wrong dietary pattern accumulated over years….you accumulate fat on the liver to some extent, and liver cells begin to lose their ability to function Doing their job, and one of their most important jobs was… purifying the body of toxins

The relationship of walking to burning fat?

Walking is considered an activity..and activity is necessary to raise the level of energy production in the body, but it is not considered a sport....The sport requires an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate.

Chromium relationship with diabetes?

Chromium is very effective in regulating blood sugar and regulating blood sugar is important for regular insulin levels, and insulin levels are necessary to reduce appetite and gluttony.

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